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Nutri Ninja Auto IQ Blender

Everyone is busy. You've got work, kids to drive around, and household chores. There never seems to be time to make healthier meals considering the prep time for chopping vegetables and time spent at the stove. This device has helped out plenty considering we have only had it since Christmas! This blender comes with two… Continue reading Nutri Ninja Auto IQ Blender

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How to be Present

Smartphone usage is through the roof. We may not think about how much we use our phones because they are so connected to us. But even Apple investors realized how connected everyone is and want Apple to focus on teen smartphone usage. As an adult, I use my phone all the time doing various things.… Continue reading How to be Present

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Cheap and Free Activities for Kids

It is easy in this day and age for kids to spend all of their time playing on their phones or playing video games. As  parents work and have extra duties like cleaning the house, or mowing the yard, it is even easier to let them use technology often. Here are some cheap or free easy activities for… Continue reading Cheap and Free Activities for Kids

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How to Keep New Year’s Resolutions in 3 Steps

New Year’s resolutions are always the rage for at least a couple weeks after the new year begins. They can be anything from eating healthier and exercising to trying a new clothing style. Most people say they will commit to new year’s resolutions, but end up giving up before the spring starts. The reasons include… Continue reading How to Keep New Year’s Resolutions in 3 Steps