Dream Big

Follow your dreams. That is what I want my little girl to hear. I want her to be able to take her biggest dreams and go for them. There is no dream too big. It is possible to be who she wants to be. Be awesome, not average. I just finished reading Start by Jon Acuff. It develops the idea to not be average and coast through life. Take your passions and your skills to find work that matters, not only to you, but once you master it, work that helps people. Your work may not do something like directly … Continue reading Dream Big

Good Good Father

It all started with our marriage a year and a half ago. You really do become one in a marriage. We were now a family. I knew I needed to take care of my family, whether it be working multiple jobs to make it through college, or finding a job even if it didn’t match my degree. It has been the ultimate humbling experience. It isn’t about me. It is doing what is necessary to provide for my family. Especially as my impending fatherhood comes closer, I realize even more it is not about me. It is about caring for … Continue reading Good Good Father