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Cheap and Free Activities for Kids

It is easy in this day and age for kids to spend all of their time playing on their phones or playing video games. As  parents work and have extra duties like cleaning the house, or mowing the yard, it is even easier to let them use technology often. Here are some cheap or free easy activities for kids that include exercise and learning while having fun.


Camp out at a campground in a tent or under stars. Build a fire and show your kids the right way to do it while being safe. Play night games and roast marshmallows. This is fun and informative about camping/survival skills.

High School Sports

They are normally only a few bucks per person to get into and can show kids what it could be like if they want to play high school sports. It gives them motivation to try and reach that level.

Disc Golf

Play disc golf at a nearby course. Only one disc is needed for beginners and there are plenty of courses that are free to play. Kids release energy trying to throw the disc as hard as possible and walking the course provides good exercise.

Visit the Library

Take a trip to the library. Books can engage the imagination. Most libraries also have activities for kids as weekly or monthly events.

Water Balloon Fights

Have a water balloon fight. Water balloons are only a few dollars for a pack and kids can run around throwing these. Be careful though and make sure the pieces are picked up. Add that as a responsibility for the kids to learn to clean up after themselves.


Kids become easily distracted, especially as technology advances. Use these ideas to get kids up and moving, to spend time outside, and exercise. They can also be family activities and can bring the family together for a day of fun. This can create deeper bonds with the family and the kids will be excited to have fun.

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