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Classic Play Kitchen

The play kitchen has become a favorite toy for Eloise. She is constantly opening doors, pulling play food out, and using utensils in the pots and pans.

It is great that it comes with the ice maker that drops plastic ice cubes down into the cup (ice cubes and cups included). The kitchen does come with two pots, a strainer, and two utensils but you will want more to use with any play food that you buy.

The base of the kitchen is wooden while the sink handles, burners, and stove knobs are plastic so it is very sturdy overall. It looks great and is very detailed for a play kitchen. As it is wooden, it does have many hinges and screws holding it together.

I had help, but with 100+ screws, it took about 4 hours. So if you are buying it as a gift and are going to put it together beforehand, give yourself time to do so. We got it at Sam’s Club, so check it out before they are gone!

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