Dream Big

Follow your dreams.

That is what I want my little girl to hear. I want her to be able to take her biggest dreams and go for them. There is no dream too big. It is possible to be who she wants to be.

Be awesome, not average. I just finished reading Start by Jon Acuff. It develops the idea to not be average and coast through life. Take your passions and your skills to find work that matters, not only to you, but once you master it, work that helps people. Your work may not do something like directly deliver food or water to those hungry or thirsty, but you can guide people to awesome and they can master their work. But it all begins with hard work. I am finding this out as I am struggling to find work that fits my skills and matters. I want to find joy in my work. I am trying to find out how to be awesome and not average.

I don’t want my daughter to believe she can’t do something. I don’t want her to believe she cannot do something because she is a girl. I want her to know she can and that she will obtain a job based on her passion, skills, and experience. If she works hard enough, I know she will be able to achieve whatever she puts her mind to. I will tell her of my own struggles and how I worked through them. I will support her in any way possible so that she can achieve her dreams and then some. But I want her to know things will not be handed to her (although, I will probably spoil her a bit too much). It will be up to her to discover her passions and her skills. It will be up to her to find work that matters to her and she finds joy in. Once she does these things, hard work will complete her goals.

She will be awesome and not average. But it is up to her to discover what that means to her.

It will all start with my telling her to follow her dreams.

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  1. We all search for significance. When your identity is found in Christ and His kingdom work, our work takes on true, awesome significance!

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