Good Good Father

It all started with our marriage a year and a half ago. You really do become one in a marriage. We were now a family. I knew I needed to take care of my family, whether it be working multiple jobs to make it through college, or finding a job even if it didn’t match my degree.c360_2016-03-22-16-00-14-507 It has been the ultimate humbling experience. It isn’t about me. It is doing what is necessary to provide for my family. Especially as my impending fatherhood comes closer, I realize even more it is not about me. It is about caring for Sarah as she experiences changes with her body preparing her for childbirth. It is about preparing all that is necessary for this little girl that is coming into the world and taking care of her in the best possible way that I can. I know that I will never be completely ready for fatherhood; I have been assured of that by multiple fathers. But I know that I can trust wholly on God throughout this time of figuring out a new job with a baby on the way. I can read all the books I want on how to be the perfect father, but unfortunately for my own pride, I will not be a perfect father; that is a guarantee. Only God can be and is the perfect Father. So through all of this, I have learned to lean on Him despite my want to take control, despite my want to know how this journey will go, and despite my want to be the perfect father. I know that my wife is my rock and my support. She believes in me when I have my doubts, she comforts me in my worry, and she supports me in the unknown of the new addition to our family. It is because of her and God that I find comfort in knowing that I have the ability to be a good father.

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