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Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon

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Goodnight Moon is the classic children’s story. It covers many of the popular ideas like the cow jumping over the moon and three bears sitting in chairs. These ideas actually reference The Runaway Bunny, also by Margaret Wise Brown. The cow jumping over the moon picture in Goodnight Moon matches the original in The Runaway Bunny, as well as the fishing illustration of The Runaway Bunny being another picture on the wall in Goodnight Moon. A third spot is the open book of The Runaway Bunny on the shelf of the bookcase in Goodnight Moon. The rhyming ritual and fun ideas are what helped sell millions of copies.

The sentence lengths vary from a couple words to about 10. This variety provides the ability to grow for children learning to read. The pictures are detailed well and are both in black and white and color.

Unfortunately, there isn’t really any type of plot. Although, it does follow how a child may say good night to any

thing he or she sees. Children do this because they feel a connection to these items and provides a ritual that kids follow. It is this ode to the familiar that connects with children.

A fun thing for kids to look for is the mouse on each of the colored pages. It is something they can do even if they are unable to read yet. It also follows an easy rhyming pattern in each of the sequences. I recommend this book as it is a classic children’s book and should stay that way.


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