Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Eating well and in healthy portions is extremely difficult. I definitely know since I am considered the guy who will eat the extra food that isn’t enough to save.  I used to eat way too much ice cream too often and my portion sizes are larger than needed every time.

But despite my difficulties, I would say I don’t have it hard at all. I can make those choices on what and how much to eat. I have no food allergies and can eat anything I want. Sarah has it much harder.

For most of our daughter’s life, Sarah has been soy, dairy, peanut, and egg free. She has forgone most “regular” foods in order to provide breast milk to Eloise. Eloise just recently got a blood test done for allergies. The test confirmed all of the above allergies for Eloise, adding in pistachios and cashews. This means our diets will not be changing back to “normal” food. Our diets will stay restricted in order to avoid those allergies. Hopefully, Eloise will grow out of at least one or two of those but it is not for sure.

We will have an Auvi Q ready for the worst and are finding more recipes that fit our requirements. It is extremely difficult to find foods without just one of these allergens. I now read every label at the grocery store and reread many of them at home to make sure I didn’t miss something the first time around. These restrictions have removed most processed food from our diets, which is great. Fruits and vegetables are included in almost every meal. It has been a journey to understanding how our diets needed to change and what impact that has on our well-being. We are eating less junk food because most of that type of food has soy or dairy in it. I believe that we are eating better and we feel better because we eat more fruits and vegetables every day.

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