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How to Read More This Year

As an English major, I love to read. I spent 4 years reading, basically. My childhood was all about reading. So why has it felt like I can never find time to read?

It always feels like there is never any time to read and unfortunately, when there is I choose to watch TV instead. I have plenty of amazing books to read. There is clearly some time to read instead of watching TV. But for some reason, I can never get myself to grab a book instead. I have a couple ideas to help myself read more this year.


Whenever I have time, I immediately turn on the TV to watch a show. It mostly ends up being something that I don’t really care if I am watching and so I spend that time more on my phone with the noise of the TV in the background. It is totally unnecessary and I should enjoy the peace and quiet when it is there.


Sometimes, when I am reading but there is stuff going on around me, I tend to get pulled out of my book. Using a playlist that only has instrumental songs can really help drown out the outside noise and helps me focus in on the world inside the book.


If you ride the bus or the train to work, take a book with you and read. I try to read on my lunch break at work. I am not always consistent but that time works for me. If there is something cooking in the oven, don’t sit down and watch TV, grab a book. Make a committed time each day if there never seems to be a spontaneously good moment to read.

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