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Men Don’t Cry

Men don’t cry.

This has been a statement declared for boys and men for generations. Boys don’t cry or show emotions. They are supposed to be stable and keep feelings hidden. Boys and men always have bottled up emotions and never shared how they felt.

I have never been this way. If you ask my mom or my wife, they can both tell you that I have always showed my emotions more than most men. I cried when I got mad, I cried when I got frustrated, and I cried when someone special to me passed away. Yet, I was always afraid of showing my emotions in public because of this stereotypical view. If I did show emotions in public, I usually got made fun of because it is not what boys and men do.

Despite this, I continue to show my emotions. I cry when I get frustrated and feel overwhelmed and I cry when my daughter cries. She just looks so sad and I want her to be happy. I know there are many reasons she could be sad but I will do anything to make her happy again.

This is what I want my daughter to know and to find in a man. Thankfully, it is a long way away, but I want her to understand this at a young age. Boys and men shouldn’t be afraid to be emotional. It is harmful to themselves to keep feelings and emotions in. I want her to find a man who will do anything to make her happy. I want her to find a man who is willing to share his feelings and is willing to cry with her. This will open up their relationship and develop it.

This stereotype continues to hover over society and it needs to stop. Men should be able to share their emotions, especially in public without being regarded as lame or not manly. When men are willing to share their emotions and feelings, it is much easier to connect to them. Men are more understanding and able to build solid, stable relationships with family, friends, and significant others. This is what I want my daughter to find and it is much easier when society realizes it is okay for men to cry.

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