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Nutri Ninja Auto IQ Blender

Everyone is busy. You’ve got work, kids to drive around, and household chores. There never seems to be time to make healthier meals considering the prep time for chopping vegetables and time spent at the stove.

This device has helped out plenty considering we have only had it since Christmas! This blender comes with two to-go cups, an 18 and 24 oz with lids, and a bowl for larger quantities. The bowl has the regular blades but also has a plastic blade for dough churning. The system has buttons for start/stop, pulse, smoothie, fusion chop, fusion mix, and more. If you want a smoothie, fill up one of the to-go cups, hit the smoothie button and stop it at whatever consistency you like. Want to put in some onions instead of dicing them up? Hit fusion chop and stop it after one or two spins around. Instead of buying expensive ice cream or fruit bars, mix some frozen fruit and a little water together to make easy, delicious fruit bars.

I make smoothies almost every morning with this. It is super easy and a much healthier, filling snack than the chips I have at work. You probably are thinking, these machines have been around for a while, and you are right, they have. But this one has more options than just for smoothies, as I mentioned above. It makes fixing snacks, cutting vegetables, or making sauces super quick and easy. All of the cups, lids, and blades are dishwasher safe making clean up a breeze! It might even make feeding kids vegetables easy too (chop that spinach and kale super fine into a smoothie), they will never be able to taste them!

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