Product Reviews


4 Moms Breeze® Classic (Pack ‘N’ Play)

The 4 Mom’s Pack ‘N’ Play is great. It is a breeze to open as you push down in the center and the sides slide out. You then can attach the bassinet by pushing down on the clamps or use the straps that go into pre-cut holes for the base area’s mattress. Opening it and placing the bassinet or mattress only takes two or three minutes. My only qualm with the setup is that holding the mattress while pushing the straps through the sheet’s holes and trying to attach the sheet is not the easiest. The cleanup is even easier than the setup though. Undo the straps holding the mattress to the base, remove the mattress, and pull up on the center piece. That’s it. Then you lay out the mattress and place the pack ‘n’ play on it so you can wrap the mattress around it using the straps on the mattress to hold it closed. Slide into the bag and you are done. You may be asking if there is a place for the sheet or the bassinet within the bag. There is not room for the bassinet and although not a designated spot for the sheet I put it in the space between the legs of the pack ‘n’ play. The above may seem like it is a lot to do or it would take a lot of time to setup or tear down but it is super quick and easy. I love having this to use in the house and especially when we travel.


Sam’s Club Play Kitchen

The play kitchen has become a favorite toy for Eloise. She is constantly opening doors, pulling play food out, and using utensils in the pots and pans. It is great that it comes with the ice maker that drops plastic ice cubes down into the cup (ice cubes and cups included). The base of the kitchen is wooden while the sink handles, burners, and stove knobs are plastic so it is very sturdy overall. It looks great and is very detailed for a play kitchen. The kitchen does come with two pots, a strainer, and two utensils but you will want more to use with any play food that you buy. As it is wooden, it does have many hinges and screws holding it together. I had help, but with 100+ screws, it took about 4 hours. So if you are buying it as a gift and are going to put it together beforehand, give yourself time to do so.











Nutri Ninja Auto IQ Blender

Everyone is busy. You’ve got work, kids to drive around, and household chores. There never seems to be time to make healthier meals considering the prep time for chopping vegetables and time spent at the stove.

This device has helped out plenty considering we have only had it since Christmas! This blender comes with two to-go cups, an 18 and 24 oz with lids, and a bowl for larger quantities. The bowl has the regular blades but also has a plastic blade for dough churning. The system has buttons for start/stop, pulse, smoothie, fusion chop, fusion mix, and more. If you want a smoothie, fill up one of the to-go cups, hit the smoothie button and stop it at whatever consistency you like. Want to put in some onions instead of dicing them up? Hit fusion chop and stop it after one or two spins around.

I make smoothies almost every morning with this. It is super easy and a much healthier, filling snack than the chips I have at work. You probably are thinking, these machines have been around for a while, and you are right, they have. But this one has more options than just for smoothies, as I mentioned above. It makes fixing snacks, cutting vegetables, or making sauces super quick and easy. All of the cups, lids, and blades are dishwasher safe making clean up a breeze! It might even make feeding kids vegetables easy too (chop that spinach and kale super fine into a smoothie), they will never be able to taste them!